How do Value Partnerships help you to create value?

Value Partnerships™ are built and deployed on the basis of six solution services categories:

Holistic Technology Management

Learn how we can help you managing all medical equipment related concerns throughout the entire contract lifetime, including multi-vendor equipment procurement, maintenance, financing, performance management and refresh cycles.

Sustainable Consulting & Transformation1

Find out more about our provision of expert advice in all phases of healthcare delivery with a state-of-the-art, digital-enabled consulting portfolio– from strategic guidance over operational improvement to transformation and innovation approaches.

Future-proof Design Planning1

See our developments of modality-specific layout design solutions for Greenfield and Brownfield healthcare facilities worldwide – from detailed room planning to workflow optimization and digital twins of entire departments.

Insightful Digital Platforms

See examples on the use of available data generated within healthcare operations to create insights and identify improvements potential.

Efficient Operations Management

Learn more about how we improve efficiency of clinical operations through education programs for clinical staff and/or provision of administrative or clinical staff.

Global Knowledge Access

Find out about how we share and implement insights around efficient operations, technology and innovations, globally. Making best practices equally available and easily accessible.

1Sustainable Consulting & Transformation and Future-proof Design Planning services are also standalone service offerings outside of a Value Partnership.